15U Ruffnecks Get Ready for Big Jump


Rising 15U Ruffnecks Bench Summer 2020

The 15U Ruffnecks season is regarded as the year in which players jump from “Kid’s Baseball” to “Men’s Baseball.”  Many of the 15U Ruffnecks enter the summer with varsity high school experience garnered from the spring season.  It is this experience, playing against 16, 17, and even 18 year old competition, that makes this year such a significant leap.  The Ruffnecks summer schedule begins in mid-June, and it immediately challenges our 15U team with competition in events such as the 17U PG Super25 and the 16U PG Super25.  Indeed, most of the tournaments are against older competition.  This is in keeping with our goal to set the tempo and the pace of play at (or above) the level of high school or prep varsity baseball experience.

The 2021 edition of the 15U Ruffnecks features a group of talented players.  Roles become more defined, with pitchers focusing on pitching and positional players (especially infielders) concentrating on the faster tempo of the game against older competition.  The 15U season is highly instructive, challenging, and physically demanding.  We play almost every day in a schedule that transitions quickly from one tournament event to the next.  Seldom are there days off in between.  Most of the activity is in the New England Region with a commitment to the most challenging events hosted at the NEBC.

The Ruffnecks’ home, the New England Baseball Complex, provides game and practice facilities that are unmatched in the region.  With field reliability and the certainty that comes with playing on a synthetic surface, the 15U Ruffnecks conduct practices and games in a predictable and professional environment.

2021 15U Team Rosters & Schedule

15U Roster

# Last Name First Name Positions School Grad Class Hometown
11 Andersen Nick OF Belmont Hill 2024 Framingham, MA
1 Auren Jeremy OF, RHP Framingham HS 2024 Framingham, MA
2 Barclay Aiden 3B, OF, 1B St. Sebastian's 2024 Dover, MA
9 Barron Nick C, 1B Fay School 2024 Acton, MA
6 Bibbo Nolan IF, OF, RHP Belmont Hill 2024 Wellesley, MA
24 Ciongoli Ty OF, LHP St. Sebastian's 2024 Wellesley, MA
15 Colby Nolan INF Sowhegan HS 2024 Amherst, NH
34 DeBenedictis Matt OF, RHP Milton HS 2024 Milton, MA
21 Dyalchand-Ericson James OF, RHP Brookline HS 2024 Brookline, MA
7 Haskell Ryan RHP Bishop Guertin 2024 Nashua, NH
17 Lamson Isaac INF Phillips Andover 2024 Stow, MA
27 Lee Aodhan RHP Newton North HS 2024 Newton, MA
41 Lee Lorcan RHP Newton North HS 2024 Newton, MA
20 Liebenthal Oren 1B, RHP Wellesley HS 2023 Wellesley, MA
13 Messer Lucas C, OF Framingham HS 2024 Framingham, MA
29 Morrissey Eddie C, 3B, OF Dexter-Southfield 2024 Milton, MA
22 Rucky Nick INF, RHP Archbishop Williams 2024 Braintree, MA
5 Sparks Keenan LHP Phillips Andover 2024 York, ME
26 Watts Sean OF, RHP Medfield HS 2024 Medfield, MA

2021 15U Schedule

(Under Development)