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The Ruffnecks Experience: Rounding the Bases to Our 3rd Decade

Since our founding in 2003 Ruffnecks Baseball has grown into a nationally recognized name-program.  Our reputation is due to the efforts of many talented and committed ballplayers and coaches over the past 20 years!   We will continue to update, add, and show more of our history with images from the past two decades.  If you have fun and interesting archival photos please send them to! We welcome photos from collegiate careers as well as old Ruffnecks moments.

2024 Giving Appeal Campaign

In March 2024 we launch our 3rd Decade Giving Appeal.  The goal is to fund the next ten years of Ruffnecks Baseball.  We must ensure the long-term sustainability of the Ruffnecks.  To do so, we need support for financial aid, funding to pay the finest, experienced, coaches, along with administrative support for a program that is unmatched in its delivery of services.  We wish to preserve our unique travel model while keeping tuition among the lowest in our region.  We look to the generosity of our alumni players and past parents to help us meet the challenges of the next decade.

Why Giving Matters

Our program is a non-profit 501-c-3.  It has been funded, in part, since 2007 through the generosity of benefactors, most notably Stuart and Susan Porter.  They and others provide the foundational support to subsidize adminstrative costs and program funding for everyone. Their generosity and stewardship help to make up the gap between annual tuition/fees and the actual cost of each player’s participation including travel and other services – A gap of more than $3,400 in 2024. Consider the following:

  • Current player tuition ($3,600 in 2024) Only funds approximately 52% of the cost to support each player.
  • Since our founding in 2003 not a single dollar of tuition is allocated to the Director’s position.  All funded outside of tuition revenue.
  • “The Facility” is a non-commercial clubhouse for Ruffnecks and college-playing alums.  It is funded 100% by donations from current parents and friends.
  • Giving back to the Ruffnecks enables us to keep tuition and fees as low as possible for everyone.
  • Financial Aid is increasingly important to make the Ruffnecks experience accessible for many who could otherwise not afford travel baseball.

Alums at the Heart of Our History

Ryan Westmoreland on signing day 2008 – Nice Tee Shirt!

Our alumni accompishments begin with those who played on our first nationally recognized College Prospect Team in 2006.  The ‘06 and ‘07 teams helped to pioneer the program.  13 of those players played  in college; 9 of them at the Division I level; 3 professionally.  Ryan Westmoreland was the first Ruffnecks player to be drafted.  He was selected in the 6th round by the Boston Red Sox in 2008.  We are proud of these early Ruffnecks.

In 2019, Isan Diaz was the first alumnus to reach the Major Leagues with the Miami Marlins.  He homered in his first MLB game.  Paul Campbell, Jared Schuster, and Will Toffey are also former Ruffnecks players who have spent time in the Major Leagues.

Even some of the coaches have gone on to higher levels, including long-time pitching coach Matt Blake, currently the Major League Pitching Coach for the New York Yankees.  Blake served 7 seasons in the Ruffnecks program, mentoring pitchers while building a reputation as an esteemed clinician and instructor.  Kevin Graber joined the Chicago Cubs organization in 2023 where he managed the Double A Knoxville Smokies to the Southern League Championship.  He is currently Field Coordinator for the Cubs.  KG spent almost 11 seasons as a Ruffnecks coach, primarily at the 15U level.

Past Parents & Players Asked to Pay It Forward

Many other players who have played in the Ruffnecks program have gone on to college to play college baseball.  With 20 years behind us, many have grown into productive, successful, professionals in a variety of careers.  Some have started families of their own.  We look forward to the day when we can have the son of a Ruffneck in the program.  As we make our way through our third decade, we ask alums, past parents, and friends to reconnect and support the mission.  It remains a worthy journey.