13’s & 14s Set to Open Season

13’s & 14s Set to Open Season

Intrasquad Game a Valuable Start

2019 Schedules Now Posted

2019 Schedules Now Posted

Full Speed Ahead for Season!

Recruiting Timetable – What to Do

Recruiting Timetable – What to Do

Truths and Myths of the College Process

13’s & 14s Set to Open Season

A Cold & Focused Bench!

Against a backdrop of leafless trees, under sunny skies, in “sweatshirt” temperatures, the 13U and 14U Ruffnecks played a full intrasquad game on Sunday, March 17th.  It was an opportunity for game-ready preparation for both squads as they look forward to Opening Weekend at Diamond Nation in New Jersey.  Both teams will compete in the 14U Division of the Diamond Nation Spring Invitational.  The Sunday scrimmage provided many correctable moments for the 13U Ruffnecks in their first real, competitive outing.  For the 14U Ruffnecks it was an opportunity to kick off the dust and to re-engage in game mentality.  The session was, by no means, the first time on a field during the winter of 2019.  Both teams have benefited from workouts at Boston College and Harvard University where indoor turf permits full-field drills and scrimmaging.  There have also been several practices on the NEBC Fields, which are kept clear during the late winter snowfalls.

14U Pitching Challenges 13’s

By definition, 14U pitching is stronger, faster, and more mature.  The nice part of a Ruffnecks vs. Ruffnecks scrimmage is the respect the 14s show to the 13s.  After all, the 14’s are fully aware that one year ago they were defined by the same challenges as the current incoming class of Ruffnecks 13’s.  Nevertheless, Coach Gedman has done an excellent job prepping the 13s throughout the winter’s weekly team hitting and open hitting sessions at NEBC.  14U pitchers Oisin Lee and Dimitri Skourides were particularly effective.  13U pitchers Nick Rucky and Isaac Lamson showed promise as well.  More importantly, the scrimmage was an opportunity to underscore the importance of performance with purpose, communication, and the satisfaction that comes with meeting the challenges of a long baseball season.

New Jersey Opener: March 23-24

13s & 14s Prep for Opener

The opening tournament in New Jersey is as much an exercise in building as it is in playing.  It begins the construction of roster combinations, depth, roles, and personal development for individual players on both squads.  It is also an important part of team building.  No matter what the personal successes or failures each player experiences, the trip to Diamond Nation provides an opportunity for team dynamic to develop and a team “personality” to emerge.  For the 13s, this is particularly valuable.  For the 14s, it is more like a reunion!  In both cases, it marks the beginning of a season that extends to the end of July when the weather will be much different than the cool temperatures expected over the next month or two.  Best of luck to both squads as they begin their Ruffnecks seasons.

2019 Schedules Now Posted

Preparation for the 2019 season is under way.  Ruffnecks players and coaches attend Winter Workouts at the NEBC, Boston College, and Harvard University.  Individual strength programs, throwing programs, hitting routines, all continue in earnest as the spring season looms on the horizon.  Team schedules, travel plans, and all the details that comprise the Ruffnecks season move forward with increased purpose and clarity.  Indeed, the game and practice schedules for all Ruffnecks teams are comprehensive.

Young ‘Necks Open in New Jersey, March 22-24

13's in Tennessee

It may be cold; it may be seasonable; it may be unseasonably warm; but the 13U and 14U Ruffnecks hope it does not snow in New Jersey as it did that past two years!  Both teams continue practices and preparation to open their seasons in the 14U Spring Invitational at Diamond Nation.  The opening tournament launches a four month season in which the youngest two Ruffnecks teams spend considerable time together and play between 70 and 80 games (depending on weekend weather).  The 13’s play their first season as Ruffnecks, while the 14’s return for their second year.  The schedule for the 13s includes a mix of 13U and 14U competition that culminates in the 14U CABA World Series in Nashville, Tennesse July 12-18.  During late March, April, and May the 13s play Northeast Baseball Alliance (NEBA) competition and several 14U tournaments.  On Memorial Day Weekend the 13s participate in the 13U PG Super25 at the NEBC.  Meanwhile, the 14’s schedule from March to the first week of June includes NEBA play and a series of independent games against high school and prep JV teams.  Several tournaments are also included.  One the calendar turns into June, the 14s challenge themselves in competition in several tournaments against older competition.  We play a lot of baseball!

Classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022 Schedules

2021's Celebrate

The three oldest Ruffnecks teams (age designations continue to yield to class identity) continue their tradition of comprehensive every day baseball summer experience. Of course there are “off days,” but Ruffnecks teams and players challenge themselves in a grueling two month schedule that includes practices, tournament baseball, and travel.  Sometimes the schedule requires playing on travel days and short turn around recovery days.  These are schedules defined by moving from tournament to tournament, place to place, and learning the demands of stamina, steady focus, and keen competition.  Ruffnecks players make a conscious choice to commit to a summer of baseball with teammates, rather than as individuals.  These are challenging schedules, but the experience is exhilarating!  We certainly spend a lot of time together.

All three schedules share similarities.  Sometimes, the Ruffnecks enter two teams in a given event.  Each team participates in the Perfect Game WWBA in Georgia.  The “Senior” Ruffnecks also plan to attend the first Perfect Game Elite Championship in Hoover, Alabama July 17-21.  All Ruffnecks teams pass through Nashville, Tennessee during the 2019 season.  The schedule also includes several “Team Camps” at colleges and universities.  Travel plans, specific tournament schedules, and other schedule changes continue to evolve over the next several months.  Directions links, game times, and tournament links are available and updated on the individual TEAM schedule pages.  Enjoy 2019!

The Week Ahead - Notices

(Updated Sunday, March 17 at 5:00pm)


Wednesday, March 20
13U Team Hitting
7:00 to 8:30
NEBC Cages

Thursday, March 21
13U/14U Ruffnecks Practice
6:00 to 6:15 Report Time

6:30 to 8:30 Practice

Weekend of March 22-24
13U & 14U at Diamond Nation
Flemington, NJ
Schedules available on Team Pages

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