Summer 2022


Updated June 13, 2022 at 8:20 pm

Ruffnecks Baseball: Summer 2022

The Summer of 2022 presents a busy schedule for all five Ruffnecks teams.  The travel and tournament schedules for the older teams (15U, 16U, 17U) is particularly intensive with as many as 40-50 games in 60 days.  It is a season that begins June 6th with Pre-Season workouts at the NEBC and ends in Cincinnati, Ohio on August 7.  Summers are demanding and exhilarating for Ruffnecks players and teams.

Pre-Season Workouts at NEBC

The Ruffnecks program conducts Pre-Season workouts for high school and prep players for two weeks prior to the start of the start of the Ruffnecks summer schedules.  These workouts are designed to give players an opportunity to hit the “reset button” in an structured, organizational, practice format that mirrors minor league spring training.  Postional players take part in daily batting practice, positional work, and skill work.  Pitchers report daily to recalibrate individual throwing programs and to address the volume and wear and tear of their school seasons under Ace Adams. The objective is to get players and pitchers ready for the demands of a rigorous summer season.

Workout Week #2 June 13-16

Use this link to the Week #2 & SCOUT DAY Assignments or click the “Assignments” image to the right for the full week schedule (Updates may be made daily).  Hitting groups will also be posted in the dugout for each workout.  Our intent is to be on the field at the NEBC each day.  In case of severely inclement weather, we may move Hitting Groups to the Ruffnecks Indoor Facility.  Specific Daily Notices may be posted below.

  • Tuesday, June 14

Players should arrive on time and dressed for the weather.  ONLY Ruffnecks apparel and uniformed gear is permitted on the field.  Wear sleeves and warm undergarments beneath the numbered tee shirts or Ruffnecks Sweatshirts if necessary.  Outdoor Winter Workouts are scheduled at the NEBC and are subject to weather conditions.

Facility Hours

The Ruffnecks Indoor Hitting Facility in Needham, MA is an exclusive home for current Ruffnecks players to hit on their own or with teammates.  The “Facility,” grants extensive access to Ruffnecks.  The Facility is not a commercial enterprise.  Rather, it is a private, clubhouse atmosphere in which Ruffnecks players have a home to hit, do bullpen work, and spend time in a baseball environment. It is a WOOD BAT ONLY hitting facility.

Summer Hours & Clubhouse

Summer hours are generally from 9:00am to 6:00pm daily for Open Hitting.  Players are encouraged to work together and to be respectful about occupying cage time for more than 45-60 minutes if others are waiting.  The Facility includes a Player’s Lounge where players may visit, study, or watch TV.  The lounges are air conditioned during summer.  The Facility is OUR Clubhouse.  Team hitting sessions will be scheduled during the summer and used prior to local games and for practices.