Winter 2024

Updated March 1, 2024 at 8:02 am

Winter Workouts & Indoor Activity
March 3 Winter Workout Update

During January and February Ruffnecks players of all ages prepare for the spring and summer seasons.  We believe in a consistent, yet limited, workload that builds gradually from November to March.  The goal is to prepare for the demands of a 5 month season (March through the first week of August).  13u and 14u Team Hitting sessions commenced in November and continue through January, February, and March.  December saw considerable activity at “The Facility.”  Pro Scout Hitting Clinics and The Rich Gedman Catchers Clinic returned to provide development opportunities for Ruffnecks.  Open Hitting hours are plentiful at “The Facility” for position players of all ages.  Our Winter Workouts include Team Hitting sessions for 17u, 16u, and 15u players in January.  On field workouts begin in February inside the Boston College “Bubble.”

13u and 14u Teams Sessions

The 13u and 14u teams prepare for the spring season with Team Hitting sessions and “classroom” work.  Extensive use of The Facility is the focus for November through February.  Team sessions are scheduled on weekends (ONLY) and vary between Saturdays and Sundays, usually in the mornings.  13u and 14u players are encouraged to use The Facility on their own.

13U & 14U Team Hitting Sessions (March 2024)

  • Saturday, March 2 – Team Hitting

Winter Workout Schedule (All Ruffnecks)

  • Sunday, March 3- 12:30 to 2:30pm – NEBC (Weather Permitting)

13u/14u Winter Workout: Sunday, March 3 at NEBC (12:30pm)

Winter Workouts provide Spring Training-like preparation for Ruffnecks players to prepare for the 2024 season.  These workouts are repetition oriented.  The program utilizes the resources of the indoor “Bubble” at Boston College or Harvard University.  If weather permits, we conduct a late winter session at the NEBC in Northborough.  While a considerable portion of the Winter Workout sessions is devoted to positional play and repetitions, there is also focused work for pitcher preparation.

Assignments for Sunday, March 3 Updated (to right).

Assignments for the Sunday, March 3 workout are updated.  This is a 13u/14u practice ONLY.  Please understand which field and what group assignments apply to each individual.  There will be 2 different ONE HOUR Blocks.

The Key to reading assignments follows below:
  • X = Not attending
  • Search Column labeled Block 1 for Positional Assignment in Block 1
  • Search Column labeled Block 2 for Field Assignment in Block 2
  • 15u-17u Players reference Block 2 Assignment: RED or BLUE
  • 13u-14u Players go to Field 3 – Reference Positional Assignment for Block 2
  • Pitchers – Check the Pitch Columns
Positional Keys:
  • IF = Infielders.  Be prepared to take reps at all 3 positions
  • 1B = First Basemen
  • C = Catchers
  • OF-F3 = Outfielders on Field 3 during Block 1
  • Infielders will take reps from all 3 positions: 3B, SS, 2B
  • P1 = Work with Ace in Block 1
  • P2 = Work with Ace in Block 2
  • PFP = Pitchers work into infield/outfield drills in Block 2 as your throwing permits.

Pitcher Preparation & Check Ins

Younger pitchers on the 13u and 14u rosters work into throwing routines by mid to late January.  We encourage young players to refrain from intensive throwing programs during the early winter.  Veteran pitchers among our older rosters, specifically those in the classes of 2025, 2026, and 2027 are expected to build a winter throwing program that commences in late January or early February (depending when their school practices commence in March).

We expect all pitchers to conduct at least TWO Check-Ins with Ace Adams, who is the pitching coordinator.

  • January Check-IN:  Provide a summary of the current workout regimen and throwing program. Create a focused throwing schedule that incorporates flat ground work and side sessions (bullpens).
  • February (Mid to Late) Check-IN: Pitchers report to Ace Adams.  Pitchers may conduct a supervised throwing session with Ace at The Facility or during a Winter Workout.

Pro Scout Clinics & Supervised Team Sessions

Pro Scout Hitting Clinics were held in November and December.  Pro Scouts also attend the Team Hitting sessions scheduled for Jamuary as instrutors and evaluators.  We also held a 5 week CATCHER’S CLINIC, one day per week, during November and December.  We are expoloring the possibility of another in late January to February.  Most Pro Scout clinics (other than the team hitting sessions) are by registration and are optional.

Expectations at The Facility and Winter Activity

Players are expected to wear ONLY Ruffnecks gear to the Facility and to Winter Workouts.  This means a navy Ruffnecks tee (preferably numbered), Ruffnecks caps and batting helmets, and Ruffnecks sweats, shorts, or GRAY baseball pants.  Long sleeves are recommended when the weather turns chilly, even indoors.  For scheduled Winter Workouts, we ask players to respond to ROLL CALLS sent via email. We build workout groups based on attendance.  Notices for inclement weather or cancellations are communicated on the HOME PAGE of the website and through email.  Families should NOT depart from home during winter weather without checking the website and email first.