Hitting Facility

Updated November 28, 2022 at 1:56 pm

November 2022

As we move into the winter months, the Ruffnecks Hitting Facility assumes a more important role in the life of our program.  The Facility is a private, non-commercial “Clubhouse” for Ruffnecks to hit and throw. The Facility is an integral part of our culture and program.  Players may come and go as they please.  It is nevertheless important to check the Announcements on the home page and the schedule on this page to be sure there is not a TEAM session.  The Lounge is open and available for relaxation. When hitters of varying ages are in the cages at the same time, older Ruffnecks should help younger ones.  Ruffnecks should invite other Ruffnecks to join hitting groups when the Facility gets busy.  Tunnels can accommodate 3-4 hitters.  Help each other.  Ruffnecks coaches may occasionally instruct non-Ruffnecks at The Facility or be there to work with current Ruffnecks.  Outsiders do NOT have access to the cages unless approved for personal instruction.  High school teammates are NOT permitted.  The Ruffnecks Hitting Facility is a WOOD BAT ONLY facility for hitters.

Facility Hours November 28 thru December 4

The Facility is open each weekday at 2:00 in the afternoon.  We encourage Ruffnecks to use the Facility as much as they wish.  13U and 14U Team Hitting sessions resume the weekend of December 3-4.

  • Monday thru Friday, Nov. 28 through Dec. 2
    • Open Hitting 2:00pm to Close
  • Saturday, Dec. 3: 14U Team Hitting Session 9:00 to 10:30 – Open Hitting Follows
  • Sunday, Dec. 4:    13U Team Hitting Session 9:00 to 10:30 – Open Hitting Follows


The Club has expectations for the use, safety, and shared responsibility of The Facility.  We ask players and families to review these expectations and guidelines.

  • Expectation #1: The Ruffneck Rule. Uniform appearance.  Players must wear approved Ruffnecks gear:
    • Ruffnecks cap, shirt or sweatshirt.
    • Gray baseball pants or Ruffnecks sweats/shorts
  • Expectation #2: Safety. Players do not need a helmet for hitting, tee work, or soft toss.  We do not permit side toss unless conducted by a coach.  Helmets ARE REQUIRED for the following:
    • Players sitting behind the screen doing Front Toss (the tosser).
    • Hitters facing live pitching from anyone other than a coach.
  • Expectation #3: Respect the Facility. Clean up after yourself and others.  Always pick up the baseballs and put things back in the proper order.  What does this mean?
    • Balls go into buckets.  If you are the last one (or with a group) buckets go on home plate.
    • L-Screens are put neatly back where they belong.  There will be markings.
    • Clean up water bottles, tape, etc.  Whether it is yours or not!

Guidelines for Use

13U Ruffnecks Use “The Facility” Opening Day, Dec. 11

Please monitor the Guidelines and potential changes on this page.  Check the calendar on the dropdown bar for hours, group schedules, and any special closures. We recommend always checking the website before heading to the FacilityThe Facility is intended to be used by players with other players.  It is a players and coaches Facility.  A few guidelines for usage follow:

  1. The Facility will be open most of the time.  Hours are posted on the calendar.  It will not always be staffed. Security cameras are in place.
  2. Sign IN: Players must sign IN and sign OUT.  Time & Date.
    1. Exception:  Players do NOT need to sign in for TEAM sessions or clinics.
  3. Parents are NOT to throw or toss to their own kids except under the following conditions with the understanding that the parent and player must yield the tunnel if both the other tunnels are in use or others wish to use a tunnel:
    1. No one else is in the Facility or waiting to use a cage.
    2. The parent is willing to throw (with staff approval) to groups of players.
  4. Covid Protocols: We continue to follow CDC and Commonwealth guidelines.
    1. Review the Covid information, links, and updates via the dropdown on the Ruffnecks website.
  5. Player Lounge & Indoor congregating:  The Lounge is clean and comfortable.  Keep it that way.  Observation space for parents and spectators is limited.  Non-participants are not permitted to roam along the side of nets.  During 13U & 14U Team hitting sessions parents may congregate in the Player’s Lounge.