Why Giving Is Important

Giving is vital to the sustainability and culture of Ruffnecks Baseball.  The generous support of families, friends, past parents, and alumni ensures delivery of the unique experience that is Ruffnecks Baseball.  Our travel model, coaching staff, and delivery of services are unmatched. We are truly a not-for-profit, non-commercial Baseball Club.

Our Mission

Ruffnecks Baseball is founded on TEAM principles.  The Ruffnecks experience provides student-athletes who aspire to play college baseball opportunities for development and exposure. The program encourages leadership through competition, self-accountability, and self-advocacy.

The Annual Fund & Yearbook Sponsorships

Annual Fund Gifts directly impact every player.  Every gift is powerful and goes to “backstop” the season’s activities.  Whether it is the TEAM experienced that comes with bus rides, the way we travel, support for coaching, or the extensive schedule, every contribution has a positive effect.

The Annual Fund is where we ask current families, relatives, friends, and others, to do what they can.  Those who can do more, are greatly appreciated for what they contribute to the sustainability, subsidization, financial aid, and maintenance of Ruffnecks Baseball. Each year we celebrate the season with our Yearbook and the Ruffnecks Banquet (December).

FACTS – Consider the following:

  • Our Tuition ($3,500 in 2023) only funds 58% of the expense to support each player to participate.
  • There is a $2,500 gap between tuition and the cost to support each player.
  • Giving and the generosity of benefactors fund over 40% of the annual budget.
  • Since our founding in 2003, not a single dollar from tuition has funded the Director’s position or an “owner.”
  • Every tuition dollar supports program expenses, coaching salaries, equipment, travel, and financial aid.
  • Our Facility, and the unique culture that defines it, is a non-commercial, clubhouse atmosphere.
  • The Facility is funded 100% through the generosity of giving. It is a home for current players and alumni playing in college and professionally.