Winter 2021

2021 Ruffnecks Winter Workouts Schedule & Plan

2021 Winter Workout Schedule Updated Jan. 10, 2021

The 2020-2021 Winter Schedule is available by clicking on the image of the boys playing baseball (to the right).  Our 2021 “Winter Workouts,” which are usually conducted at Boston College and Harvard University, will pivot to the NEBC Fields during February and March.  We plan to use the NEBC fields on Sundays in the appropriate weather (generally defined as 40 degrees or warmer).  Our time block is scheduled for NOON to 2:00pm.  Players are asked to arrive at the “Report Time” communicated via weekly email Roll Calls, dressed in practice gear.

Saturday, January 23, 2021 Cages Update:

13U and 14U Team Hitting Sessions run between 8:00am and 10:30am.  OPEN Hitting runs from 10:30 to 1:00pm.

  • 8:00am to 9:00am – 13U Team Session
  • 9:00am to 10:30am – 14U Team Session
  • 10:30am to 1:00pm – OPEN Hitting for Ruffnecks
  • COVID ATTESTATION FORM – (Download, print, fill out, and bring with you!)

General Hours Winter 2021

HITTING hours at the NEBC have been extended beginning January 2, 2021.  The NEBC Cages are for the exclusive use of Ruffnecks use on Saturdays until 1:00pm. Enjoy. WOOD BATS ONLY.  Please adhere to the “Ruffnecks Rule” by wearing only Ruffnecks apparel.
  • Ruffnecks may use NEBC OPEN Hitting hours whenever they are scheduled.
  • OPEN Ruffnecks hours are at no charge to Ruffnecks.
  • TEAM Hitting Sessions take place on Saturdays.  Check the schedule.
  • Use of the cages at other times should be arranged directly with the staff at the NEBC.
  • Please call (508) 409-4101 to check for availability and rates for non-Ruffnecks cage time.

Updates and last minute notifications (usually weather related) regarding indoor sessions are available on the home page of this website, this page, and through email.  Families should NOT depart from home during winter weather without checking email and the website for updates.

NEBC Hitting Cages – Policies & Procedures

(For full Covid Guidelines see our link to the Covid Page)

The NEBC cages are open exclusively for Ruffnecks on Saturdays from 8:30am to Noon. The NEBC hitting tunnels provide state of the art facilities for focused and purposeful hitting among Ruffnecks players.  Some hours are designated as TEAM hitting sessions (for 13U and 14U).  OPEN hours provide opportunities for ALL Ruffnecks to use the batting cages independently or with teammates.   We ask players to wear Ruffnecks apparel and to identify themselves at the front desk of the NEBC when they are using the cages during OPEN hours.  Please monitor the website home page and the links to the Winter Schedule.

  • At all times, Ruffnecks are to use ONLY WOOD BATS in the NEBC hitting tunnels.
  • Players are expected to wear Ruffnecks apparel and caps while hitting in the cages.
  • All equipment is to be returned to its proper place.
  • The NEBC cages are expected to be put in order. Trash to be picked up.

There are no machines in the batting cages.  Ruffnecks players are encouraged to work with each other and to use the buckets, tees, and L-Screens to conduct high-repetition hitting routines taught in our program, on their own.

Covid Guidelines for NEBC Cage Use

On December 13, 2020 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts reverted to Phase III, Step 1 of the Reopening Plan.  Youth and amateur sports are affected accordingly.  The safety and health of Ruffnecks players, coaches, and families is a priority.  Links to the regulations and guidelines are updated on our COVID REGS page.  Please review.  The NEBC follows current Commonwealth of Massachusetts protocols and guidelines governing indoor athletic spaces.  We urge all Ruffnecks to use good decision making.  Follow the guidelines.

General Guidelines:

  • Participants, Coaches, and chaperones must be symptom free for Covid-19 for 14 days prior to activity.
  • If a participant experiences symptoms after attending a hitting session, the Director of Ruffnecks and NEBC must be informed.
  • Any positive test requires notification to the Director of the Ruffnecks (It will be shared with the NEBC).

Cages (Area) Specific Guidelines:

  • Players MUST register at the monitor’s desk by signing the Ruffnecks Daily Register.  Please specify time in and out.
  • Players MUST wear face coverings while engaged in activities in the cages.
  • Players SHOULD wash their hands before and after hitting and handling baseballs and equipment.
  • The Cages are limited to PLAYERS & COACHES ONLY.
  • A maximum of 15 (TOTAL) players and coaches are permitted in the cage area.
  • Players should use their own bats (Wood ONLY) and bring their own water.
  • There is limited viewing space on the walkway in the cage area. Spectators and chaperones are asked to remain outside the cage area.

Team Hitting Sessions:

  • Specific TEAM Hitting sessions for 13U and 14U are scheduled periodically.  They begin and end ON TIME.
  • Other players are not permitted to hit in the cages or to wait in the cage area during a team hitting session.
  • Coaches will provide a list of players attending team hitting sessions.

Winter Workouts

The Winter Workouts are designed to provide Spring Training-like preparation for Ruffnecks players to get ready for the upcoming season.  The workouts are repetition oriented.  The objective is to prepare players for the spring seasons in high school.  The Indoor “Bubbles” at BC and Harvard are unavailable during the winter of 2021.  We intend to provide opportunities for Ruffnecks coaches and players to conduct full-field drills, hitting, and side sessions (for pitchers) at the NEBC during February and March 2021.

Players are expected to wear ONLY Ruffnecks gear to Winter Workouts.  We ask Ruffnecks players to wear their BLUE, numbered tees or performance shirts, gray baseball pants or Ruffnecks sweats, and their Ruffnecks caps to all Winter Workouts.  Long sleeves are recommended.  Ruffnecks sweatshirts, jackets, and other wear are permitted for outdoor workouts.

Ruffnecks players are asked to respond to weekly roll calls for attendance.  Notices for inclement weather or cancellations are communicated through email and through postings on the home page of this website.  Families should NOT depart from home during winter weather without checking email and the website for updates.