Winter 2022


Updated January 16, 2022 at 7:48 pm

Ruffnecks Winter Schedule 2022

A full slate of Winter Workouts continue January through the first week of March.  Use this link to the full WINTER WORKOUT SCHEDULE or click the image above.  Players and families should monitor this page.  The Ruffnecks Indoor Facility is home base for much of the hitting and pitching activity.  On-Field Workouts are at the NEBC commencing Sunday, February 6 (weather permitting).  Winter school sports teams take precedence.  The Ruffnecks program encourages athletes to participate in other sports, particularly for school teams.  Winter Ruffnecks activity is an opportunity to prepare for the baseball season. This page is a primary reference for Ruffnecks.

Winter Workouts at “The Facility” & NEBC

The new Ruffnecks Indoor Hitting Facility in Needham, MA is an exclusive home for current Ruffnecks players to hit on their own or with teammates.  The “Facility,” grants extensive access to Ruffnecks.  The Facility is not a commercial enterprise.  Rather, it is a private, clubhouse atmosphere in which Ruffnecks players have a home to hit, do bullpen work, and spend time in a baseball environment. It is a WOOD BAT ONLY hitting facility.

Winter Workouts & Team Hitting

The “Facility” is the centerpiece for team hitting sessions and individual work during the winter months.  Large segments of time are  allocated for Open Hitting.  This means Ruffnecks do not need to reserve cage time or call in advance.  There are no hourly charges for cage time.  Players are encouraged to work together and to be respectful about occupying cage time for more than 45-60 minutes if others are waiting.  It is always best to check the Calendar Page on this website page before traveling to the Facility.  Schedules will be updated on the dropdown tab from this page.  The Facility includes a Player’s Lounge where players may visit, study, or watch TV (currently closed to limit gatherings).  A Waiting Lounge is also available for parents to wait, access Wi-Fi, or work.

Team Hitting Sessions: 13U and 14U Ruffnecks

Team sessions for the 13U and 14U Ruffnecks squads are generally scheduled on a weekly basis, usually Saturday or Sunday mornings.  Please consult the team email boxes and the Calendar (dropdown on this Winter Page).

We Pitch Here Too! – Ace Adams & Pitcher Preparation

The Ruffnecks program values conservative and sensible pitcher preparation during the off-season.  We place great faith in the experience and wisdom of pitching coordinator Ace Adams.  With over 35 years as a professional pitching instructor and coach in Major League Baseball and at the University of Michigan, Ace guides Ruffnecks pitchers thoughtfully.  A large portion of time is spent “spinning the ball” at distances of 30 to 55 feet.  Grips, body movement, and “thinking,” constitute the substance of winter prep.  Just listening to Ace provides an entertaining and informative baseline for pitchers.

All Ruffnecks pitchers benefit from Ace’s preparation.  13U and 14U pitchers prepare for the spring and summer in a gentle progression that does not even begin until late January or early February.  Pitchers on the 15U, 16U, and 17U rosters schedule at least one session in January and one in February (at the Club’s expense) to check in with Ace so he can monitor their off-season work, whether they do their own thing or work with other pitching instructors.  The intent is to be informed and be responsible.  Yes, pitching is spoken in our hitting facility!!!


Clinics may be offered at the Facility from time to time.  Most clinics are offered to current Ruffnecks players before any spots are allocated to “Open Registration.”  Limited spots may be available to non-Ruffnecks by invitation.  The Ruffnecks also plan some outreach clinics to youth 12 years old and younger.  The Ruffnecks do NOT field teams at those levels.  For information, contact