Covid Regs

Updated January 8, 2023 at 7:09 am

Covid 19 Guidelines

We thank the members of the Ruffnecks community for their adherence to protocols and responsible communications throughout the Covid 19 pandemic.  We are able to maintain Ruffnecks activity by following the guidelines and advisories to mitigate the spread of Covid 19.

Cold and Flu season is here!  Although the public situation continues trending toward normalcy, the Club follows CDC, state, and local protocols and guidelines.  We ask members of our community to observe best practices.  We also ask everyone to review this page, the links, and the relevant contents as a necessary.  The links provide convenient access to relevant updates.

Links to Important Guidelines & Considerations

General Updates as of January 2023

  • There are currently no mask requirements at Ruffnecks activity.
  • All families should review the CDC guidelines and the state guidelines.
  • If a family member tests positive, we ask players to mask indoors (at Facility) and monitor themselves.
  • If a player tests positive, we ask the family to communicate to the Director via email.  Confidentiality is observed.

For current Massachusetts guidelines, please use the general link to for full information across all sectors and for reports and updates on response to the pandemic.  We keep the following links as as convenient points of reference:

Travel Update: For 2023

We ask families and players to continue to follow Commonwealth of Massachusetts and CDC Travel Guidelines for travel. We ask for responsible care and monitoring of symptoms with regard to use of The Facility for indoor hitting and activities.  This means:

  • Individuals are encouraged to follow “before and after” state, local, and CDC protocols.
    • No restriction upon return (unless not feeling well).  Recommendations:
      • Take a viral test 3-5 prior to travel and after returning from travel.
      • Send positive results (Only) by email to the Director.
      • Follow current guidelines.

Fall Activity & Travel (2023 Travel to be Updated)

There are currently no mask mandates in effect, either at the Ruffnecks hitting Facility or at the venues where we practice and play.  If mandates are instituted as a result of state or local ordinance, players and coaches must comply.  We follow CDC guidelines (see link above).  A few reminders follow for participation:

  1. Any participant exposed to someone with Covid 19 should refrain from attendance in Ruffnecks activities if the participant is deemed a “Close Contact” of the infected person(s) unless:
    • They take a negative test.
    • Have no symptoms.
  2. Players who test positive for Covid-19 must:
    • Follow Covid Protocols for quarantine and follow up testing.
    • Stay away from Ruffnecks activity for 5 days (A negative test may be required pending CDC guidelines.  Evidence of vaccination is required or the short isolation).
    • If circumstances require quarantine or testing, the player/family shall provide a negative PCR test administered no sooner than 48 hours prior to participation (Regardless of vaccination status).
    • Submission of a negative PCR test should be communicated through email to the Director at
  3. Players are asked to be considerate of others and err on the side of caution if they are exposed or do not feel well (any symptoms).
  4. Positive? If a positive case is reported, the program shall inform the participants (team or group) affected by contact, per current, appropriate guidelines.
  5. The program will not disclose names (without permission), or medical information, including vaccination status.
  6. An unvaccinated player who travels outside of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts must follow CDC and Massachusetts travel guidelines in effect at the time of travel.
  7. If travel is to an area that is considered high risk, the player must either quarantine per current guidelines or submit a negative PCR administered no sooner than 72 hours prior to the next participation in Ruffnecks activity.
  8. Exposure of any kind to a “Close Contact” warrants caution and concern for others.

Ruffnecks players and their families are encouraged to make their own, informed, decisions in determining the level of participation for indoor and on-field activities.  Masks are not currently required for indoor hitting.

At the FACILITY: Guidelines for Activities

Ruffnecks players, families, coaches shall abide by guidelines, restrictions, and mandates should they be imposed.  Directives are intended to provide a viable, safe, practice and playing environment.  We work together to maintain a safe environment and appropriate measures for safety and contact tracing.

Players must always sign in and sign out when using the Ruffnecks Hitting Facility, unless it is a team function or a clinic.  This accountability goes beyond Covid protocols and monitors traffic flow, safety, and responsibility for keeping the Facility clean and orderly.

Be a good Teammate!