Covid Regs

Covid 19 Guidelines

We thank the members of the Ruffnecks community for their adherence to protocols and responsible communications throughout the Covid 19 pandemic.  We were able to maintain Ruffnecks activity by following the guidelines and advisories to mitigate the spread of Covid 19.

As of May 29, 2021 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is fully reopened.  Outdoor sports mask requirements and activity limitations are lifted.  Massachusetts remains under the guidelines of a Travel Advisory.  Ruffnecks travel during the summer of 2021 will follow Massachusetts and CDC guidelines.  We continue to ask members of our community to observe best practices.  We also ask everyone to review this page and its contents.

The Ruffnecks program engages in significant travel.  Destinations for the 2021 summer season include Arizona, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee.  We encourage families to familiarize themselves with any specific regulations that may affect any of those states.

Links to Important Guidelines & Considerations

Important Updates as of May 29, 2021

  • As of May 29, 2021 the Governor of Massachusetts rescinded limitations on Youth and Amateur Sports
  • Ruffnecks players and families move forward with Summer 2021 plans under a Consent & Waiver.

For current state guidelines, please use the general link to for full information across all sectors and for reports and updates on response to the pandemic.  We keep the following links as points of reference ONLY:

Ruffnecks players and their families are encouraged to make their own, informed, decisions in determining the level of participation for indoor and on-field activities.  Additional guidelines are provided below:

At the NEBC: Guidelines for Activities

Ruffnecks players, families, coaches shall abide by NEBC guidelines, restrictions, and mandates.  NEBC directives are intended to provide a viable, safe, practice and playing environment.  NEBC guidelines and regulations may change from time to time.  The Ruffnecks program and the NEBC work together to maintain a safe environment and appropriate measures for safety and contact tracing.

The NEBC may, from time to time, issue directives for player and/or spectator safety.  These directives may or may not be related to Covid protocols.  We ask members of the Ruffnecks community to respectfully follow any guidance or restrictions imposed by the NEBC staff or management.  The viability of the NEBC tournament season is important to all of us.

NEBC Batting Cages Are Closed